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Harvesting Rain Water Systems - How They Work

Many of us are becoming more self suficient and eco friendly and there are many reasons and benefits in doing so. So why not start with water, which is something we all need and if you looked at the amount of water you use in your home on a daily basis, you will be surprised on how many litres of water you use just to flush the toilet or press the button on your washing machine. Water is expensive and it can be even more expensive if you are on a water metre. The solution is harvest your own rain water and there are many benefits in doing so and it is really simple to do and will save you money.

Not only will rain water harvesting save you money but the rain water is better for your garden than tap water as it does not contain the chemicals that tap water has to to clean it.

So how can you use your saved rain water ? Well there are plenty of things that we use water for and starting with the garden here is just a small list of the things that we use water for.

- Tending our gardens
- Feeding our vegetables and flowers
- Maintaining our water features
- Washing the car
- Washing down the patio
- Window Cleaning

When your at home water is used very frequently in two main rooms of your house the bathroom and the kitchen. You could have a rainwater harvesting system that with filteration could feed all these and will half your water bills.



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Collecting rainwater is not a new invention it has been happening for the last 400 years. The method of collection has not changed but what we collect the rainwater in has. Instead of muddy holes in the ground you can now store your water in specially designed and manufactured underground water tank

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